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What is this project actually about?
27 February 2023 / News

Listen to Tina explain, what is the reason behind this project.

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Promotional video of the project
23 February 2023 / News

Hey guys,

check out our promotional video about all the cool things happening during the project!


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The Manual is here!
29 December 2022 / News

The Manual for coaches is here! This manual is a result of a two-year project on stress management, problem-solving, and solution-focused techniques with coaches from four different sports and countries.

Dear coaches, don’t just take care of your athletes, please, …

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News about the project in the local paper in Austria
28 December 2022 / News

Check it out!

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10 October 2022 / News

Today is mental health day.

Go to your coach or your children's coach and thank them for all the hard work they do. 🥰

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2 October 2022 / News

Thank you all for a great weekend and a wonderful project together. <3 <3 <3

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Handing out of the #TCYC licences
2 October 2022 / News

Great job guys! 

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About last night...
2 October 2022 / News

#aboutlastnight #dobertek #bonappetit #slovenskahisa

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A friendly game of disc golf
2 October 2022 / News

#discgolf #tcyc #ribasiba

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Good morning!
2 October 2022 / News

Good morning! ☕️☕️☕️A wake up game to start up the day.

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The last transnational project meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia
2 October 2022 / News

Last weekend we held our last TPM in Ljubljana. We were very happy to see all of our coaches and partners again. 🥰
We listened to some lectures, did some workshops and some team building activities, ate some great local food …
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Presentation of TCYC in Zagreb
26 June 2022 / News

Great day, we are in Zagreb, presenting the project at the 4th International Sport Psychology Symposium & Sport Psychology Workshop.


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Presentation of the project in Umag, Croatia
24 May 2022 / News

Yesterday we held a presentation of our TCYC Project to coaches and sports professionals in our local community.
Our coaches shared their experience to colleagues from different sports and presented importance of mental health awareness and burnout prevention. 
We are …
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Breathing technique
10 April 2022 / News

Breathing technique #TCYC #breathing exercises

We were able to pass on the technique of breathing exercises, especially to children who are very nervous during racing. As a result, the situation relaxed at the start. Initial mistakes and tensions among children …

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Problem solving in practice
6 April 2022 / News

Situation: a promising young player has announced that she will not be able to come to training every day, especially to trainings in the late afternoon ending at 21:00.

0️⃣ What is under our control? We can influence: how we …

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A success story from one of our coaches
4 April 2022 / News

A success story from one of our coaches:

After a month of doing the #TCYC program, I feel tremendously better. The steps that I have learnt are really making a difference. The team building we have experienced through our joint …

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An example of good practice
1 April 2022 / News
An example of good practice #TCYC 
How one coach used "Mindful paying attention" to increase his awareness of the situations in training and refined his coaching.
Usually, when a part of the training ended, he said to the players: “Balls …
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The third transnational project meeting in Austria
14 March 2022 / News

Here we are together again! This is our 3rd meeting and we are in beautiful Kirchdorf in Tirol.


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Problem solving workshop
11 March 2022 / News

Hey guys, 

check out our Dubravka talk about problem solving methods. 

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Happy New Year!
1 January 2022 / News

Happy new year and all the best from the TCYC team! 🥂🎉🎊🤗🥳💃🕺🏻🍾

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Tip of the day #4: How do we learn new skills
29 October 2021 / News
How do we learn new skills?

1. Schedule: How many times a week will you exercise? When? 
2. Try it for at least a week, remember, doing one repetition once is not enough to learn. …
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Tip of the day #3: Mindful eating
24 October 2021 / News



You need a raisin, popcorn, a nut, or a medium-sized candy. Focus on that object, observe it closely, as if you have never seen it before.
Take one object in your hands, between …

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Stress management workshop
19 October 2021 / News
Talking about stress management for coaches on Invitational Conference 4 at the project From small to great.

More about our project:

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Tip of the day #2: Mindful listening to sounds
15 October 2021 / News

It can be difficult for a coach to find some quiet time in a busy day. This short exercise will remind you to appreciate being silent and, in a long run, …
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Tip of the day: Square breathing
7 October 2021 / News


Square Breathing: refocus your mind and calm down your body.
1. Find a comfortable position.
2. Slowly inhale for four seconds.
3. Hold your breath for four seconds.
4. Slowly exhale for four seconds.
5. Hold …

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2nd TPM in Umag, Croatia
4 October 2021 / News

We spent this weekend in beautiful Umag, in the north of Croatia, where we met all our partners for the 2nd transnational project meeting.

We began day one with The Problem Solving method: switch the view on the problem and …

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First transnational project meeting in Ljubljana
31 May 2021 / News

From 29.5.- 30.5.2021, the participants from 4 countries (Croatia, Italy, Austria and host organisation from Slovenia) met in Ljubljana for a day and a half of workshops, meetings and team buildings. 

The meeting started with a team building at The …

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The first press release
8 March 2021 / News

Our dear Croatian partner OK Umag has shared our project with the press. Check out the link here.

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Our first online meeting
1 March 2021 / News

We were very busy this weekend - we held our first official online meeting with the partners 🇮🇹🇸🇮🇭🇷🇦🇹. Unfortunately we could not yet meet in person due to the covid crisis, but we are feeling very optimistic we will be …

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