Tip of the day #3: Mindful eating

Posted: 24 October 2021 / News
Tip of the day #3: Mindful eating



You need a raisin, popcorn, a nut, or a medium-sized candy. Focus on that object, observe it closely, as if you have never seen it before.
Take one object in your hands, between your fingers and feel what it feels like, what colour it is. Are there any thoughts associated with this subject? Maybe how much you like the taste of this item or that you don’t really like it.
Smell it, what is the smell?
Put the object to your mouth with all your attention, paying attention to your palm carrying it to your mouth. What is it like when the mouth is expecting food? How does it feel when this food is in your mouth and what is it like when you chew it slowly and gently? What does it taste like?
Observe your thoughts that arise when you swallow and then observe how it feels when you swallow this bite.
You can also repeat the exercise with another tasty bite.