ŠD Riba (Slovenia)

The Riba swimming club, officially a sports association, was founded in 2002 by a group of young swimming enthusiasts and ex-competitive swimmers, brimming with ideas and eager to put them into practice. Our ideas are working and our enthusiasm is going as strong as ever. Through the years we turned hundreds of people into regular swimmers.

We know how to teach swimming everybody - children, adults, seniors, disabled, disadvantaged etc. Over the years we learned a lot from trials and mistakes and have participated in many training courses. In our staff we have licenced instructors, swimming teacher and coaches (licenced by Slovenian Swimming Association) and professionals who gained their degree from Faculty of Sports (University of Ljubljana). We have a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Riba has members aged from 3 to over 75, who all love swimming and share the appreciation of this sport that not only exercises the body but is good for the mind as well. And since injuries in swimming are rare, it’s a sport that can be done throughout one’s entire life. We share our beliefs and knowledge with all who join us. We learn from one another and grow together, because swimming is our passion. Our mission is to provide fun and challenging swimming workouts to all who want them.

Our ongoing programs: beginners and advanced swimming courses for children, adolescent and adults, competitive program (there are 5 training groups or squads in the competitive program), recreational swimming for adults and competitive (masters) squad. Besides that we organize courses and events for disabled children and adults - from beginner and advanced classes to competitive swimming programs for people and children with disabilities. We tend to integrate all abilities and all age groups if the pool and timing and desire of people involved enables such a programme.

We are one of the 4 main swimming clubs in our nation’s capital and consist of around 700 members, which include all levels of swimming, all age groups and the physically and mentally disabled.



Volleyball club “Umag” from Croatia was established in 2005. As of 2019 the club has 122 members, aged from 7 to over 50, who all love volleyball and being active in sport. Main Club’s goals and mission are promotion and development of volleyball; increased knowledge and competence of children and citizens through the provision of informal forms of education in the field of sports and sports related activities.

In our Club we have a team staff of experienced, educated and licensed coaches, sports psychologist and physiotherapist. Together we share our theoretical and practical knowledge in order to provide all activities and training as professional as possible. We tend to engage all our members to stay in sport as long as they can. Even when they finnish with their playing career to stay in our club as volunteers, coaches or any other active members.

Our main activities are implementation of competition programs, organizing and conducting training for members of all ages; taking care for education and professional development of our professional staff; planning, organizing and conducting a volleyball school; supervision and enforcement of our Competitors' health care measures; cooperation with the Volleyball Associations at the county and state level; organizing and conducting volleyball tournaments (indoor and beach volleyball) and participating in other events at home and abroad; volunteering; preventive action, promotion and protection of health; performing other tasks in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, this statute and other general acts of the Club; providing services for organizing and conducting sports and other events.

Since its establishment, the Club organizes the International two-day Volleyball Tournament for Junior Categories, every year on the first weekend of May on the occasion of the City of Umag Day.

We also traditionally organize the International Volleyball Summer School for Children, every year in August. This is a daily 8 hours program of volleyball training and other fun outdoor activities. This project has been implemented for 12 years with the aim of involving as many children as possible in sports activities.

Club organizes a free volleyball school at the beginning of each school year. In the month of September, all children who are interested in learning volleyball skills can join the club volleyball training for free, which, under the guidance of licensed volleyball coaches, is held in the Umag sports hall.

Canoa Club Napoli (Italy)

Canoa Club Napoli is an Amateur Sport Association, born in 1975 in Bacoli. The club is well known not only in Italy but also abroad, thanks to the great results of the canoa school they provide, resulting in many of their athletes playing also in the Italian national team during European Championship and World Championship.

They collaborate with schools and institutions in order to train children as persons, through sport and motor activities.

Their main aims are:

  • Promote a school open to the territory;
  • Offer all children the opportunity to practice motor and sports activities;
  • Educate to legality and civil coexistence through respect for the rules;
  • Strengthen initiatives in the school environment, referring to the practice of pre-sport motor activities, as an integral part of the educational and training project contained in the national indications;
  • Combining sport and culture, play and study, promoting an active lifestyle;
  • Train students to new values ​​and knowledge;
  • Promote social skills animated by a spirit of collaboration and confrontation, functional to the exchange and integration of experiences between different countries and cultures;
  • Promote the confrontation with privileged witnesses of sport (athletes, journalists, referees), who through personal dedication, constant commitment, training, are able to convey the importance of ethics, correctness, respect for the opponent.

The sport association has always been involved in social and cultural integration, with particular attention to the more disadvantaged social groups. We have always collaborated with the Phlegraean schools and associations which deal with minors at risk, and implemented two projects with the municipality of Monte di Procida for recreational and motor activities in water and on land with children affected by autism.

Sport activities are of great formative and educational value, because they allow children to learn to act in connection with others, to experience their limits, frustrations, defeats, as inevitable events.

Promoting interpersonal relationships, raising self-esteem and communication, strengthening the well-being in the school context as well as in the daily-life context through sport practice, requires a joint effort from family, schools, sport clubs, so that society can grow in a more balanced, democratic and civilized way, indicating to the younger generations a system of values ​​and rules capable of fighting the actual culture of the "everything immediately".

The culture of physical activity is a fundamental prerequisite for getting closer to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy and permanent sports education, in the context of the whole training of the person.

School and sport clubs must contribute to promoting a correct conception of motor education, sports practice as a valid cultural alternative to violence, importance of the result, unfairness.

Wintersportverein Kirchdorf in Tirol (Austria)

Ski club Kirchdorf has a long history, it was founded in 1956 by a group of local winter sports enthusiasts, who wanted to give the young people in the area an opportunity to develop their ski skills and share the joy of winter sports. More than 60 years later the club has over 300 members and its main goal is still to promote skiing, winter sports and physical activity among locals and provide competent ski training for local kids and youth. This season 53 children in categories up to U16 actively took part in the ski training program. They also implemented ski training for adults on an amateur level, to give them the opportunity to develop their ski skills further on. To assure a high quality of training, the professional team takes part in different licensed seminars each year and exchanges their knowledge among the team. To give their prospective athletes additional support, they also cooperate with Austrian ski federation.

Besides ski training for club members, the ski club also cooperates with local kindergarten and elementary school, where every year they organize ski sports days for elementary school children and a skiing week for the children in kindergarten.

Every February, from the very beginning, the club organizes club championships for all the club members, every second year they also organize the Family, Clubs and local Companies championship for all the ski enthusiasts in the area, doesn’t matter the age, as well as a sectional ski championship for all the ski clubs in the area.

As the ski club is not entirely competitive oriented, they give a great emphasis on healthy physical activity for all generations, and promote the importance of being outside in the beautiful local environment also through organizing summer hiking events, “kids olympiade” and since 2019 also Kirchdorf Winter games, a race with a fun character, for everyone who wants to join.