The third transnational project meeting in Austria

Posted: 14 March 2022 / News
The third transnational project meeting in Austria

Here we are together again! This is our 3rd meeting and we are in beautiful Kirchdorf in Tirol.


The expert’s moment: reviewing the literature and choosing the techniques for further development of the manual and practical part of the project). Writing the lecture for the local presentation.
A short lecture by the local sport psychologist Patricija, social support in the group of peers.
Mindfulenss and warm up exercises, Tina
The expert’s moment: we are a good team!
Developing the local presentations of the TCYC movement (club leaders and coaches prepare suggestions and plans on how to work in the local communities).
Snow volleyball: can we keep the ball in the air for a 100 strokes? Yes!
Social evening & standing around the fire and discussing the future.
Making a good plan for local events.
Our coaches, club leaders and sport psychologist are busy working on developing the best programme to share with fellow coaches.
Team-building activities for The TCYC team: night walk over the snowy hill.
Checking out highlights of the Project and making a checklist for the local promotional activities.